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Where Senior LNG, Gas & Hydrogen Decision Makers Meet To Discuss Business Critical Industry Topics











Conference Sessions

The Strategic Conference will feature leaders from the entire LNG, gas & hydrogen value chains, including energy producers and consumers, policy makers, financiers, and technology providers in the Americas and globally. The discussions will focus on pressing industry topics that will encompass major industry trends such as macroeconomic developments, net zero ambitions, project financing, decarbonization technologies, infrastructure developments and strategies to attract new talent to the industry.

The 20th Americas Energy Summit Strategic Conference will be the defining meeting place for the industry to share their insights, collaborate, foster new relationships and build a secure energy future with LNG, gas and hydrogen presented as the fuels of today and the future.

Join hundreds of your industry peers at the Strategic Conference this Fall and become the catalyst for industry change and development.

2024 Key Themes

The Americas Gas & LNG Global Outlook For 2024 And Beyond: The Opportunities & Risks That Lie Ahead

How & Where Will The Inflation Reduction Act Enhance North America’s Clean Energy Economy?

Natural Gas Demand In Key North American Export Markets: Developments In Europe, Asia Pacific And Latin America

Ensuring Global Energy Security In A Time Of Geopolitical Instability & Environmental Fragility

The Financing Equilibrium: Balancing Increased Natural Gas Demand & ESG Commitments

What Needs To Happen For FIDs To Be Taken To Meet Rapidly Growing Demand In The Next Five Years?

The Inflation Reduction Act And Its Pivotal Role In Building North America’s Hydrogen Economy

Developing Talent Strategies For The Energy Transition

Fuelling The Decarbonization Push: Crucial CCS, CCUS & Technological Advances

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