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A popular feature of the Americas Energy Summit & Exhibition, the Masterclass provides direct access to the latest insights and perspectives from industry experts on the topics that matter today. Fully CPD accredited, the sessions will arm you with the necessary tools to apply in your daily job and shape your business strategy going forward whilst also allowing you to start your networking early.

The Masterclass is available to book in conjunction with the Americas Energy Summit & Exhibition Strategic Conference. 

Key Building Blocks

The New Macro Context For The Global LNG Business 2023- 2030 And The Longer Term To 2050
USLNG, Its Development And Its Specific Value To The Global LNG Industry
The Fundamentals Of The Business - How The Supply Chains Are Structured, How Risks Are Managed, What The Economics Look Like
The Key Players - What They Bring, What They Need And How They Are Adapting - How Do They Compare Amongst Themselves?
Making LNG A Competitive Sustainable Fuel For Transitions By Lowering Its Emissions

The Focus On Infrastructure And The Forces Currently Pushing Them Forwards, VS The Forces Holding Them Back

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LNG supply
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What New Trends We Can Already See About The Future?

Supply Build Ups
Contracting Structures And Short-Term vs Long-Term Considerations
LNG Pricing Options

The Long Lens Into The Future

Scenario Planning For The Global Market Out To 2050
Impacts On Price Sensitive Buyers And New Entrants
Key Considerations Of The Principal Stakeholders

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