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Alex Kizer

Chief Operating Officer Energy Futures Initiative EFI


Alex Kizer is the Senior Vice President of Research and Analysis at the Energy Futures Initiative (EFI). He develops and manages projects on cross-cutting issues related to technology, policy, and innovation in energy sectors at home and abroad. An expert in developing and managing major analytical initiatives, Kizer supports funders and sponsoring organizations with advice on navigating the interaction between technology disruptions and legacy markets and systems.

At EFI, Kizer (pronounced KI-zer) oversees all qualitative and quantitative analysis for EFI reports, including Optionality, Flexibility & Innovation: Pathways for Deep Decarbonization in California; Advancing the Landscape of Clean Energy Innovation, for Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy; Investing in Natural Gas for Africans, a project sponsored by the Africa50 infrastructure fund; and white papers on blockchain technology applications for energy, an examination of the U.S. nuclear enterprise and the role it plays in national security, studies on large-scale carbon management, and a variety of budgetary analyses.

Kizer brings over 15 years of experience advising clients at institutions, such as Sandia National Laboratories, the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as energy companies that operate in the Middle East and Europe.

At EFI, he designs and manages projects that focus on investment strategies for accelerating clean energy innovation, oversees cost-benefit analyses of electric sector cyber security, develops methods for valuing U.S. energy security, and examines techniques for evaluating the emission savings from the at-scale deployment of all clean technologies.

Kizer holds a Bachelor of Arts in public policy from Ohio University and a Master of Arts in international security studies from American University.

Website: https://energyfuturesinitiative.org